Warning IRIDIUM: You have “Store entered details temporarily in session” and “Use Blowfish Encryption” enabled but your PHP installation does NOT have access to PEAR on your server!

Either consult the documentation (especially the FAQs) to see how to get Blowfish encryption working on your server, change “Store entered details temporarily in session” to “No”, or disable Blowfish encryption.

It is not recommended to disable Blowfish encryption if there's a chance someone can see the contents of the “sessions” folder on your server (which may be possible if you are on a shared server) - this is left up to your own descretion.

The current values for the various settings on your server follow. These are, without a doubt, the values currently set for these settings, available to PHP on the shop's side, no matter what the admin, your control panel, the Server/Version Info or phpinfo() etc. may say!

Info to help enable Blowfish support...

It would appear that the PEAR library is not on your include path or is blocked by a safe mode setting. Please check that the path to your PEAR library is in your PHP installation's include path configuration setting and/or that a safe mode setting is not interfering with PHP's ability to access the path to your PEAR library.

Alternatively, your server may have more than one PEAR installation - please check that you are using the correct PEAR library if you have more than one on your server.

Current Include Path: .:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php

Safe mode in use?: yes

open_basedir restricted directories:
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